Trending 2020 Eye Makeup Looks

1) Midnight eyes

For those who plan on going for evening dinners, the “Midnight Eyes” can be your go-to beauty look. This eye shadow trend portrays a level of mystique and the glitzy glam that will add to the final look of the night. This look can be achieved by applying the deepest or the darkest blue eye shadow shade all over your eyelid and lower lash line. Follow this up by applying a shimmery medium blue eye shadow shade and blend it into you crease to add depth. To finish up the “Midnight Eyes” look apply a few coats of any waterproof mascara to make your eyes really pop. 

17 Trending Eyeshadow and Eye Makeup Looks for 2020 - L'Oréal Paris

2. Smokey Eyes

A classy smokey eye gives out that bold look with which one can never go wrong with. This look offers a glamourous blend of matte and shimmery shades. It’s no shocker that this classic eye look has beaten the odds of time and continues to stand strong as one of the trendy eye looks of “Trending 2020”. This look fits well on all eye shapes and serves as the superlative universal trend of all time!

Smokey Eye Looks In 10 Gorgeous Shades | Eye makeup, Smokey eye makeup,  Gold makeup

3. Voluminous lashes

An eye make-up look that will never go out of trend is definitely the “Voluminous Lashes” look and this has been proved by the prevailing trends of 2020. For achieving this look, instead of using a normal everyday mascara, reach out for a fiber mascara. Featuring a black primer and a fiber mascara, the double-sided wonder works to create instant volume and length. To achieve this look, apply the primer. Follow this up by applying a few coats of the fiber mascara to have a volumized finished look. 

4. White eyeliner

The “White Eyeliner” look is one of the easiest ways to achieve a luminescent, wide-eye look. This trend has inculcated a quality change of pace from the traditional black eyeliner look. It brings along an exciting, fresh and an attractive look. The “White Eyeliner” embodies a sassy look along with holding up its chic statement. 

3 White Eyeliner Looks to Wear this Summer | Maybelline

5. The Ubiquity Metallic Eyeshadow 

The “Metallic Eyeshadow” look has become a dominator in the eye makeup segment. On one hand the look can be bold and valiant but on the other hand it can really flatter your eyes and assist you in achieving a dainty look. Whether you apply a single shadow or multiple shadows for the smoky effect, the shimmery metallic shades help you get the sultry eye look. By applying any metallic eyeshadow all over the lid you are set to go and take on the trend. 

17 Trending Eyeshadow and Eye Makeup Looks for 2020 - L'Oréal Paris

6. Fluorescent Crease

This eye look challenges you to go bold. The “Fluorescent Crease” is one of those looks that are well worth adding to your list of must-try eyeshadow looks. This look is all about exploring your creativity as this look can go in various directions based on how you decide to design it. Regardless, the most basic way of achieving this eye look can be completed in two steps. First, pick a fluorescent eyeshadow of your choice and apply it in your crease. Second, pair it with a mostly neutral look. With this you’ll find yourself with a ravishing statement eye look. 

17 Trending Eyeshadow and Eye Makeup Looks for 2020 - L'Oréal Paris

By Avantika Dube

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