Movies for Fashion Lovers to watch

Some of us were first introduced to fashion through the many icons portrayed in movies. No shame in those days where you would dress like you’re that main character at school just because you had watched a movie the night prior with actresses dressing glamorously.

If you find yourself finding your fashion inspirations through movies, we have gathered a list of 5 movies that will hopefully give you that fashion spark.

1. Sabrina (1954)

In Billy Wilder’s 1954 romantic comedy, Audrey Hepburn plays a chauffeur’s daughter, Sabrina, who falls in love with a wealthy charming man that his father works for. Heartbroken and in need for a new outlook on life, she leaves her home for Paris.

In a letter addressed to her father she expresses her new found joy:

“I have learned so many things, Father. Not just how to make vichyssoise or calf’s head with sauce vinaigrette, but a much more important recipe. I have learned how to live… how to be in the world and of the world… and not just to stand aside and watch”.

2. Pretty Woman (1990)

Edward is a wealthy business man who needs an escort for a business trip. He hires a prostitute, Vivian, and dresses her in glamorous outfits and jaw-dropping jewelry. Little by little, as they spend more time together, they start to fall in love with one another. The uncommon pair of individuals from different worlds create significant challenges to overcome.

3. Scarface (1983)

Scarface is a Hollywood crime classic film, starring with one of the best actors of all time Al Pacino. In this movie, Michele Pfeiffer is seen with an exceptional wardrobe full of shiny and elegant evening dresses, bling earrings, suits, and more. Fast forward to today, the style still inspires many women.

4. Rear Window (1954)

Talk about elegance and femininity in a dark and suspenseful thriller made by the one and only, Alfred Hitchcock! This movie is considered one of the greatest films of all time. The hero of the film is trapped in a wheelchair and spends most of his days inside his apartment shamelessly watching his neighbors live their day-to-day lives. On another day of his voyeurism habits, a murder is committed and he is convinced that one of his neighbors is the culprit. Meanwhile, Grace Kelly brings another façade to this dark movie, namely through her ultra-feminised chicness.

5. Malèna (2000)

This Italian movie by Giuseppe Tornatore tells the story of a woman whose life is destroyed by her charm and timeless beauty. Malena is played by the Italian actress Monica Bellucci, often referred to as the most beautiful women of all time. In the movie, Malena is everything a woman could be by societal standards. She arouses imagination, fantasy and, jealousy.

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