Kylie Baby: Kylie Jenner’s newest addition to the business empire

Kylie Jenner discreetly launches baby line

Conspiracies had it for the past two weeks that Kylie Jenner might be launching a baby & maternity brand after a mysterious Instagram account @kyliebaby surfaced online.

The beauty mogul, 23, quietly announced that she’s launching a baby brand on Wednesday June 2, by posting an Instagram photo of daughter Stormi Webster in the bath and tagging @kyliebaby in the photo.

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website, Kylie first filed a trademark for Kylie Baby in May 2019. The trademark document, rumored to cover an array of products, ranging from baby skincare and clothing to strollers and furniture.

Earlier this year, she also filed applications to trademark Kylie Swim, while she’s previously submitted applications to trademark Kylie Body, Kylie Skin and Kylie Hair.

Images via @kylieskin

The empire is clearly growing. Although no post has been shared, Kylie Baby’s Instagram page is already verified and has raked up 543,000 followers in less that 48 hours. The account’s following is still growing at an exponential rate with about 1000 new followers every 5 minutes.

The makeup mogul will have no shortage of baby models and influencers when it’s time to launch: Stormi’s nine cousins will definitely make cameos alongside her in future Kylie Baby ad campaigns.

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