SINGAPORE – The past few months hasn’t been easy for all of us. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one relying on Netflix to keep myself entertained for days. Luckily enough, the streaming site adds and renews its library of films and TV shows every month to keep up with our unsatiating appetite for late-night movies.

Here is a list of our most awaited series and movies coming out in the next couple of weeks.


Too Hot to Handle (Season 2)


Coming to Netflix: Wednesday, 23 June

The new season of the popular reality TV show takes place in the Turks and Caicos Islands with it being filmed throughout the pandemic.

The premise of the dating reality show is that there’s only one rule on the island. No sexual contact.

Sex/Life (Season 1)


Coming to Netflix: Friday, 25 June

Created by Stacy Rukeyser is a brand new romance drama series that could go either way in our book.

Here’s what you can expect from the new series:

“A suburban mother of two takes a fantasy-charged trip down memory lane that sets her very married present on a collision course with her wild-child past.”

Young Royals (2021)


Coming to Netflix: Thursday, 1st July

Prince Wilhelm gets a taste of life outside his ivory tower when he begins to attend a prestigious boarding school. He starts to develop a taste for freedom which begins to make him question his royal responsibilities. But he doesn’t have much time to ponder, as unexpected developments lead to him being the next in line for the throne.


Wonder Boy, Olivier Rousteing, né sous X (2019)


Coming to Netflix: Saturday, 26 June

Olivier Rousteing, creative director of the French couture house Balmain, just presented his 2018 Spring/Summer collection as one of the youngest creative director in fashion history. Succeeding in making Balmain one of the most influential fashion houses of its time, Olivier is at the height of his career and yet has never felt so empty. Abandoned as a baby and adopted at one, he is in constant search of identity, always wondering about his origins and biological parents. As he finally musters the courage to start looking for answers, Olivier embarks upon an emotional journey in search for truth.

Audible (2021)


Coming to Netflix: Thursday, 1st July

Football player Amaree McKenstry-Hall and his Maryland School for the Deaf teammates attempt to defend their winning streak while coming to terms with the tragic loss of a close friend.

Hampstead (2017)

Ecosse Films

Coming to Netflix: Thursday, 1st July

Though Emily and Donald live in the same London neighborhood of Hampstead, the worlds they inhabit could not be more different. Emily is an American widow occupying a posh apartment she can no longer afford, and Donald is an Irish loner who lives off the land in a makeshift cabin and wants nothing more than to be left in peace. When his home is threatened by real estate developers, Emily believes she has found her new cause — but gets more than she bargained for when romance blossoms.

Memoirs of a Geisha (2005)

Sony Pictures

Coming to Netflix: Thursday, 1st July

Chiyo Sakamoto, a nine-year-old girl, is sold by her underprivileged family to a geisha house. She becomes a victim of unpleasant circumstances, but her fate changes when she meets Mameha.

Ophelia (2019)

via IFC Films

Coming to Netflix: Thursday, 1st July

As a rebellious and motherless child, Ophelia is taken into Elsinore Castle by Queen Gerturde as one of her most trusted ladies-in-waiting. Soon enough, Ophelia captures the affections of the young Prince Hamlet. A passionate romance secretly kindles between the two as the kingdom is on the brink of war amidst its own political intrigue and betrayal. When Hamlet’s father is murdered and the prince begins to unravel, Ophelia sharply navigates the rules of power in Denmark.

The Last Mercenary (2021)


Coming to Netflix: Friday, 30th July

A mysterious former secret service agent must urgently return to France when his estranged son is falsely accused of arms and drug trafficking by the government, following a blunder by an overzealous bureaucrat and a mafia operation.

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