Christmas Presents Under $50 For Every Type Of Girl In Your Life

Still cringing about the chocolate box and gift cards you gave away last year? With Christmas being only 3 weeks away, we’re here to save your day! 

We’ve curated a list of unique and trendy presents you can give to every type of girl in your life! You’d maybe even want to get something for yourself…

The Vintage Souls

Being vintage is not only about wearing red lipsticks and looking like an “old soul”, it’s a lifestyle. So stop buying your friends new stuff that looks old. It completely defies the purpose! Instead, hit up your local thrift store and happy treasure hunting!

  • Second-Hand Books

  • Vinyl Discs

  • Retro posters

Las Artistas

Please stop talking about Picasso and Warhol next time you meet your artiste friends. Although all their art knowledge comes from Instagram, they’ll still secretly judge your “basic” taste in art every chance they get. So to make them happy this year, just get them some over-hyped home decorations to make them feel like they’re one step closer to being Ines Longevial.

  • Decorative candles

  • Colorful eyeshadow palettes

  • Quirky ashtrays

The Free Spirits

Modern witches, alchemists, or whatever they like to call themselves, here’s some tips for your internet-age hippies friends: they worship crystals, minimalistic tattoos, gold jewelries, cold brew, and anything that rhymes with vegan and organic. Look for useless items that sound like they can be used for magic spells. 

  • Crystal Anything

  • Stick and poke kits

  • Pearl jewelry

The Hot Stuff – fillers who?

The truth is, all they really want are free lip fillers and a modelling contract with Fashionnova. But that’s way out of our $50 budget… The good news is, you can still make their lips bigger with some liner and gloss, I mean that’s what Kylie promised, right?

  • Lip glosses

  • Body oils

  • Corset tops

The Girl Bosses

Truly busy or just in denial of their lack of social life? That’s a debate for another day. In a day and age where overworking is glamourized, what better than more productivity gadgets that only look pretty on “girl boss” captioned LinkedIn posts for the already sleep-deprived friend of yours! 

  • GoodNote Templates

  • File organizers

  • Laptop gadgets/accessories

The Wellness Freaks

Don’t know anyone like this? Think again. We all have that one friend who pops vitamin pills like skittles. To help them with their imaginary deficiencies and micro-nutrient addiction, get them something they cannot eat for once.

  • Gua sha kits

  • Scent diffusers

  • Body brushes

The Luxe Babes

No matter if they’re an actual sugar baby or just an Amber Scholl subscriber, their taste in overpriced fabric is the same. Although $50 probably can’t even get you a bobby-pin at Hermes, there are still many options which gives the illusion that you’ve robbed a bank for them. Generally, anything black and silky would do the trick. It’s not like they can tell the difference anyways. 

  • Handmade face masks

  • Body chains

  • Designer wine cups

Hopefully this sparked some inspiration for y’all! Don’t stress too much, take it easy, she will like whatever you end up giving her! Until then, The Clique wishes you an early Christmas.

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